About me.

Hello fabulous people! 


I am Aleksandra.


Since always I like to travel and I get the feeling the world is my home. I am so grateful I have had an opportunity to visit so many beautiful countries, explore new places, make so many amazing memories and I am hoping to make many many more.

Like every girl I like dressing up too, playing and making combination with clothes I have, and trying to develop my own personal style. When I am inspired and have time before some trips I like planning at least few outfits for certain occasions.

Flying Fashionista is created to share with you my lifestyle, fashion and traveling passion. As I always wanted to make some kind of a ‘book of memories’ which will include all things I like, I thought this could be a fun way of making it online instead of a regular one. Maybe someone will find some useful information here or get an inspiration either for theirs next travel destination or for mixing and matching clothes.

I’ve started this journey writing about some places I have already been to and then keep up with the new ones, because discovering new places is absolutely my favorite thing to do.


From Paris with style


Hope you will enjoy it!


Stay fabulous.

          X Aleksandra


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