Emirates Palace Tour – Abu Dhabi

While we were going to Heritage Village we passed by astonishing building, built as a landmark showcasing Arabian culture. The moment we saw it we knew what is the next place we want to visit.

Emirates Palace is a luxurious 5 -star hotel located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. We were so lucky we had an opportunity to go on a private tour of the hotel, thanks to our friend Ahmed. He arranged everything for us, and one more time they treated us special. He totally spoiled us while we were there. 😊


EP Lela i ja

emirates palace

If you watched the movie Fast and Furious 7, you are probably familiar with this building. I didn’t see the movie, but I really love the soundtrack from it. And the hotel appears in the music video, too.


ep hotel

We were warmly welcomed by the girl from the reception desk. She organised everything for us and explained that the property of the hotel has 85 hectares. So, that was the reason we got a driver who took us on a tour with a golf cart.

golf cart

This beautiful view of Etihad Towers with palm trees was the first thing we saw at the very beginning of the tour. It was a great start, if you ask me. 😊

view from the golf cart

Property is very spacious and impressive. I think everyone could find something for themselves. There is a swimming pool surrounded by comfy sunbeds..



..and 1.3 km wide private beach along the Arabian Gulf..

private beach

..and part with a replica of traditional desert village with Bedouin Tent, where you can get to know better Arabian way of living in the desert. You will be served with Arabian coffee, tea and dates. After that you can go on camel ride along the beach, if you want.. 🐪

replica of the desert village

..or go to private Emirates Palace Marina with yachts, overlooking the natural bay. Yep, I am sure there is something interesting for everyone. 😊



Four of us

marina w yahts


After the pleasant ride through the surroundings of the hotel, it was time to visit the interior, too. Our dear host was from Japan and she was so lovely. She guided us through the hotel and answered to all the questions we had. We even got a small flower bouquets as a present from the hotel. How thoughtful it was, wasn’t it? 😊


The inside space is as astonishingly beautiful as the outside. With all the golden details, high ceilings and the lights the ‘Palace’ part of the name really suits to this hotel.


We managed to peek into one suite. It was a 3 bedroom suite with presidential level of luxury, as they like to say.


dining table



It really is luxurious, and every detail is on the place where it should be. Beside all that, there is an absolutely amazing view from the balcony. You really get a whole package here.

the view from the balcony

view from the balcony

Since we all graduated from Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, it was fun and interesting visit for us. We really enjoyed it.

At the end of our tour, in the hotel lobby we met a Serbian guy who worked there as a security. That was great, we were not expected to hear our language there. The world is such a small place, isn’t it? 😊

Even though I don’t drink coffee on the daily basis, next time I come to this hotel, I’ll definitely try their signature 24k gold cappuccino. I missed it this time.

If anyone tried it, write me your impressions about drinking gold down bellow in the comment box. 😊

More about this wonderful country coming soon..


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