Hungarian sea – Lake Balaton

What to do when you find out you will have a few days off from work? That’s right. Plan a trip. 😊 My friend and I decided to go on a short trip to Balaton, Hungary. It’s not too far from our hometown (around 4-5 h drive from Novi Sad to Siófok) and seemed like a perfect option for getaway.


Lake Balaton is Hungarian number one vacation resort. It is also the largest lake in Central Europe. We were located in Siófok, charming little town at the southern coast of Lake Balaton and one of the most famous summer centers there.

After arriving at the hotel, we decided to leave our bags in the room and go straightaway to meet this place. I was so delighted when I saw the view from our room. It was a great first impression, as we didn’t arrange it in advance.


After walking for a while and meeting this beautiful place, we went to the promenade along the lake and had a chance to enjoy this amazing sunset.



We went for a walk to the city center, too. Water tower is a symbol of the city and is located at the main square. It is 45-meter-high and you can go up the tower by lift and enjoy the view of the whole city.


siofok center

Well, when in Hungary you have to try chimney cake. Right? 😊 I’ve already tried it few years ago, and I liked it, so I was more than happy to have one again.

They prepare it in front of you and it’s always fun to watch the whole process of making it. It’s ready in a couple of minutes and tastes very good.

Chimney cake – kürtőskalács is a delicious pastry hand rolled onto a wooden pin, coated with sugar and baked in a special oven. After baking it’s rolled into different toppings (cinnamon, chocolate, coconut, walnuts and more). We had one with coconut, and it was yummy. 😊

chimney cake w coconut

The next day we got up early and were ready for more exploring. We walked down the promenade and admire the lake on the sunny day. Water was so clear with a nice blue color. I always feel stress free while near water.

by the lake

clear water

I was in a mood ‘Why not spend some time in the park?’, too. It was made for children, but that didn’t stop me to have a great time. 😊I still find all this things in the parks amusing. 😊

After I finished playing in the park 😊 we continued to the Harbor from where all the scheduled boats leave – it’s the busiest port around the lake.



walking area

The Angel statue in the Harbor was the first thing we visited. It’s a 10 m creation of gilded angel with a pigeon in it’s hands, which is a symbol of peace, friendship and unity.

angel statue

Later, we decided to go on a boat ride. The weather was nice so we didn’t want to skip this experience. It cost 1600 HUF (around 5 EUR) for adults to enter, for children 700 HUF (around 2,5 EUR) and kids under the age of 6 had a free entrance.


When there was no clouds and sun shined the color of the water was turquoise and you actually got a feeling you are at the sea, how huge the lake is. I was impressed, because it was larger than I imagined it.

view from the boat

Natasa and myself


On the boat, the little ones had an entertainment game – they were trying to find hidden treasure while being dressed up like pirates.

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And you guess right, I joined them (haha, of course!). 😊

me on the boat

After 45 minutes of pleasant ride on the boat, we went to visit Jókai park, the biggest park in Siófok. In the park, you can find nice flowers and both beautiful Japanese and English gardens.

jokai park entrance


The weather suddenly changed, it was cloudy and it was about to start raining, so we hoped into the tower, bought tickets and went up.

water tower

The revolving cafe at the top gives a 360 degree view of Siófok and Lake Balaton. Even though the weather was not completely sunny, we had a spectacular view from the above. I really enjoyed it.

revolving cafe

at revolving cafe

I think the entrance ticket cost 800 HUF (less than 3 EUR) and included the elevator trip to the top.

view from the tower


panorama 2

After a lot of walking during the day, we came back to the hotel, sat on the bench and admire a little bit more the view. It was so relaxing sitting there with a peace and quiet.

promenade walking

I am a huge sunset lover, and I think I will never get tired of the sunsets like this. They are always different and always so stunning with all that colors.

sunset 1


During our final day in Siófok, few hours before going back home, we spent time at the Sio Plaza mall where we bought some souvenirs and presents for our friends and family. The mall is located in the city center across the Water tower.

I had wonderful and relaxing time there and couldn’t ask for nothing more for this short break escape. Considering I was there in May, 3 years ago, maybe it’s time to visit it during the summer time, so I can enjoy swimming in the lake, too.

Anyone was there during the summer time? How do you liked it? Let me know in the comment box below.


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