Hungarian sea – Lake Balaton

What to do when you find out you will have a few days off from work? That’s right. Plan a trip. 😊 My friend and I decided to go on a short trip to Balaton, Hungary. It’s not too far from our hometown (around 4-5 h drive from Novi…

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Parisian classic luxury with a fabulous room view at San Régis …

During my stay in Paris the second hotel that welcomed me, as a part of collaboration, was another five star boutique hotel – San Régis Hôtel. Love that coziness and the intimate atmosphere you have at this kind of hotels. At the entrance of the San Régis Hôtel you can already see that…
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The island of the knights, Malta

At my first year at the University my parents decided to motivate me with a gift trip (oh, they know me so well), and  said to me if I pass all the exams in the June they will sent me wherever I want for a summer holiday. What…
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